The Year of More

Back in January I had a goal, it was to do more. It is a simple goal that has plenty of meaning. For me it means for me to get out and do more of what I love. To eat different foods and to go to different places. To create more art and see more shows. More is simply just doing more than I did last year. As the sun is starting to set earlier I decided to look back at this year and see if I was able to do more. 

Well overall I have done pretty good. Unfortunately I haven’t traveled much, but I have eaten some amazing meals. I purchased my first season pass to the Goodman Theatre, so I’ll be seeing some amazing shows. I’ve taken more risks but at the same times I’m a little more cautious about my life choices. I’m drawing and shooting more than I was before (that rhymed more that I wanted it to). The Year of More unfortunately has had some bad effects also. I’ve gained more weight but that is probably cause I spend more time on the computer and more time cooking. I’ll have to increase my exercise, which would be another “more” that I need more of. So I’ll keep on trying to do more and do better. I think that next year I’ll keep the same goal because so far I’ve done much more than I expected. 



I love discussing subjects with others. It is a chance to see what others are thinking and to hopefully gain an understanding of a subject that might have more layers than we think of. Debates shouldn’t be about winning or losing. They should be about discovery and education. I think that when things get too heated people tend to focus more of proving the other person wrong and promoting their ideas to be the “correct” view.

Most of this is why it is hard for us to move forward as a nation. We get fixated on our views and try to put everything in a neat box. I have noticed that we almost have a mob way of thinking. We look at what the most people agree on and act if that is it. Democracy isn’t just about how many people think something is right, it is about finding out a solution that will be fair to all. It means that sometimes we have to give up something for the greater good. Altruism. Good will. Opportunity for all. 

There have been many times that we, as a nation, have done things that don’t seem as they are fair to some in order to raise up another group. While some are really controversial like Affirmative Action and Title 9, we forget that if it wasn’t for these laws and others, many people would not have had a chance to succeed. 

There are plenty of arguments from both sides and that is a great thing. What isn’t great is when we decide to close our ears and eyes to the world around us. In doing that we are closing ourselves to the ever-evolving world around us. We need to go beyond what we think sometimes. Even if we still feel the same at least you might gain a deeper understanding about why others may think differently. It isn’t about agreeing. It is about understanding. 

Huh and What?

When I sit back to thing of why I haven’t posted in such a long time I think I can blame this one on my friends. I’m not really a blogger at nature, but I do enjoy sharing. A lot of my friends that I followed stopped blogging and my desire to blog wasn’t as great as before. It was still there, but I had one big issue with blogging: focus.

I asked myself a lot of questions about this blog: What is the focus? Should I share everything? Is this what people want to read about? 

There are plenty of ideas running in my head, but at the same time I have a hard time figuring out what I want to post. After stepping away from things for so long I think that I’ve found my answer. This will continue to be a blog about what is on my mind. Simple as that. But as for my other interests I also need to find a better outlet for that. I’ve started up a new portfolio for my artwork and I’m working on an artist collective. I plan on posting more on other sites that mirror my interests and I might also start up a group blog (even though I’ve been saying that for years).

I can’t wait till the summer. I’ll be kinda free and ready to do some amazing things. Last summer was fun, but it was a big blow off overall. This year I’ll goof off but also make a move forward. Stay tuned, I promise that my next post will not wait almost a year.

Almost a year

Wow, I’ve fallen off of the earth. Well, not really but I have been kinda hard to find lately. A ton of ideas that I’ve had over the years are finally coming together. But right now I’ll just say to stay tuned, I have some plans to make and ideas to share. Peace, for now. 

Last time we spoke…

Man, it has been a minute since I last blogged. Many reasons why. Some are the same old, “I’m busy” crap and some of it was a conscious effort not to blog. Part of it was me thinking that I wanted to get away from something personal, so I could feel more comfortable sharing with everyone. Like I’ve said before, I’m a private person. I’m a social being, but I still am a very private person.

I believe that information is best passed on person to person and that is how I like to do things. I like a certain intimacy in my communication and sometimes I don’t think that I can achieve what I want to do with this blog with the style that I am using it. So… hmmmm… Where do I go from here.

Well, I’m thinking of changing this to more of a project blog. Something to chronicle the things that I’m doing in life. Not my opinions and such. You can still get those by asking me, but I don’t think that the world cares that much. So I’ll be doing something new soon. I have an idea and you will be the 5th to know… or the 6th, something like that.


This is a post that I put up a long time ago on another site on accident. Even though the events that led to me writing this have been forgotten because of all the earthquakes and political unrest, I think that it is still something that should be read. Now that I’m reading of some of the really ignorant and hateful comments about Japan, I feel that this is as good as a time as ever to post this. Later I’ll write something about more current events. But I hope you enjoy this one.

I really have slacked on my blog, but I’ve not really kept up on the web lately. But instead of getting into that, I’ll let you know what has rattled my cage enough for me to blog something. Ignorance, racism and just plain ole dumbassery. I keep reading things about the “Ground Zero Mosque”, Arizona laws and looking at really dumb stuff going around in the world today.

I really don’t know what to think about things. Just because Barack got elected doesn’t mean that racist thoughts have gone down. Negative thoughts about Muslims and Latino’s are just nuts. I really get tried of seeing how crazy things are.

Also I was thinking about how racism is not limited to whites. I know this is a no-brainer, but racism is just racism. Remember that evil usually creates evil. Take it how you will, but it is just crazy how as American’s, we (collectively) try to act like we are as close to perfect as can be. That our way of live is the best. I won’t say that I don’t enjoy living in the U.S. of A., but it is ridiculous to act like we are perfect. When someone usually thinks that they are “top shit”, then they usually aren’t. When people act like they are the best, they usually stay blind to their flaws. The same could be applied to nations. It isn’t just America either.

It is just dumb to act superior. We try to use religion as the basis for some of these acts, but it isn’t right to use it as a shield for your bigotry and ignorance.

Really wants…

Life is all about things that you want to do. I really want to do this today or one day I really want to do that. I have a ton of things that I really want to do as well.

I want to write a story. Not a bunch of them, but at least one really good story.

I also want to do something that will impact many peoples lives.

I feel that one of these goals is really close, but the other seems so far away.

There was this kid that I was talking to the other day. I told him about the blessing of youth, time. When you are younger, you have time to recover. You can make a bad mistake and if you work hard, you can recover. You can fuck up a part of your life, but you can still recover. But as with most blessings, a curse usually follows.

Time is fools gold.

When you are younger, you have all the time in the world. Everything is in front of you and seems so far away. It takes so long for everything to happen. Life moves so slow. But in a flash, you start catching up to time and then you realize that now it is all behind you.

I told him that he has time to make mistakes, but he has to make sure that those mistakes don’t live on to hurt him. I told him that he can recover from making bad choices in life, but it will be harder than if he didn’t make those mistakes in the first place. I explained that while he might think that he has time, he really doesn’t. In one second, life can change, for better or for worse.

It is the same as you get older. Time seems to move so fast. There are things that I really want to do, but it always seems that time won’t allow it. But then when I stop and think about it, time was never the issue, it is my perception of it.